Coronavirus COVID-19

Important Passenger Information

To our valued customers, we continue to ensure that our COVID Safe plan is compliant as per QLD Health guidelines and best practice Tourism industry standards.

There are no reported cases of COVID-19 at our venues. 

In keeping with our excellent safety standards, please read the below important information prior to your tour.

Passenger Pre-Screening & Conditions of Travel

Our team may refuse service and entry, if a person is unfit to travel, or poses a safety risk to customers and staff. Passengers should not travel if they:

  • Have not checked in using the QLD Check In app located at the terminal or vessel. Your check-in app must be linked to your Vaccination Certificate as per QLD Health guidelines
  • In the previous 14 days have: returned to Australia from overseas (other than a safe travel zone country), been in close contact with an active COVID-19 case, or been in a Queensland declared COVID-19 hotspot or place of concern (from the effective date and as defined by the Chief Health Officer)

  • In the past 72 hours had a fever, cough, sore throat, headache, distorted sense of taste, shortness of breath, chills, vomiting or any cold/flu-like symptoms 
  • Are not willing to comply with our company COVID Safe practices and policies

Passenger COVID Safe Guidelines

We request that all passengers practice social distancing and personal / hand hygiene, by following the below guidelines:

  • Be mindful of other passengers and social distance whilst in the terminal or vessel
  • Where practical leave a spare seat/row between groups of travellers and always return to the same seat
  • Follow floor markers and leave an appropriate gap whilst boarding/disembarking
  • Frequently use the complimentary sanitising stations and washing your hands effectively
  • Use cashless payments and have only one person per group approach the counter

Please note: 

  • During peak periods social distancing may not be possible on smaller vessels or buses
  • While the company strongly encourages social distancing, the management and crew are not responsible for passenger decisions in relation to physical distancing
  • If you are concerned about not being able to socially distance yourself, please contact the reservations team to discuss alternative arrangements.

 For further assistance contact our friendly reservations team on (07) 5539 9299.