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Corporate Social Responsibility Charter

Environment and Sustainability

As a leading Marine Tourism provider, it is in our best interest to not only be aware of current local and global environmental issues but also do our part to reduce the impacts made by ourselves and those in our community. As a team, we aim to do this daily through both passive and active means. 

It is important that as an organisation we lead by example. We do this each and every day, by:

  • Using custom-built boats that are fuel-efficient and designed for eco-cruising
  • Training their skippers how to drive the boats with minimal impact on the environment 
  • Picking up rubbish we walk past (both in and out of the workplace)
  • Picking up rubbish floating in the ocean whilst on tour
  • Partaking in local initiatives such as Clean Up Australia Day
  • Promoting environmental initiatives such as Take 3 for the Sea
  • Recycling in all areas of our business
  • Reducing the use of single-use plastic company-wide and avoiding single-use items wherever possible.

In order to get our community involved, we provide conservational commentary on all tours. We aim to educate our passengers on current environmental issues such as climate change, whaling, krill consumption, PCP’s, POP’s and single-use plastics. 

We then give our customers some suggestions on simple and easy steps that they can take to reduce their own environmental footprint, such as:

  • Switching from single-use plastic bags to reusable shopping bags
  • Buying from bulk food stores and using reusable jars or containers
  • Using environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • Washing vehicles on the grass as opposed to on driveways/roads where chemical runoff will end up in our drains
  • Not consuming krill oil tablets – rather researching other food items where the same benefits can be found 
  • Picking up rubbish when found in the street

There is much to do to help save the planet, and as an organisation, we are committed to our sustainability journey, which will involve monitoring our carbon footprint, stewardship and helping the environment in any way we can.

Social Responsibility

On a daily basis, we take people on amazing experiences exploring our natural environment, we aim to make our products easily accessible and affordable for everyone.  However, we understand that sometimes it is out of reach and so we lend a helping hand to the wider community by: 

  • Sharing our experiences with those in need eg Make a Wish foundation
  • Donating to community groups for Fundraising activities
  • Collaborating with community groups and schools to offer group discounts
  • Working with our Indigenous community and leaders to take care of country and culture
  • Donations of photo sales to Sea World Research and Rescue Foundation Inc
  • Supporting CEO Sleepout etc.

Ethical & Economic Responsibility

We are an award-winning Gold Coast business that thinks big but acts small.  The heart of our business is passionate ocean lovers and a family-oriented team.  Our Directors believe in running an honest, ethical business with integrity. 

We have the following core values:

  • We RESPECT our colleagues and customers
  • We work as ONE TEAM
  • We believe INTEGRITY is fundamental to our business
  • We ensure SAFE WORK PRACTISES to ensure zero harm to people and the environment

Our company has a philosophy to strive for continuous improvement in everything we do.  Not only do we aim to constantly improve our operation and customers’ experiences, but we also aim to provide a platform for staff to achieve personal growth which may lead to career progression within the company.  

Some of the ways we are able to achieve continuous improvement include: 

  • Ensuring that our team members are communicating and always eager to learn
  • Observing our surroundings and the way we do things to identify areas of potential improvement
  • Working as one team to ensure we are all on the same page
  • Making our processes more efficient by continually fine-tuning existing procedures
  • Not settling for second best – aim high!
  • Being aware that the customer is at the centre of everything we do
  • Conducting safety shares and briefings to protect our team members, customers and the environment
  • Listening to customer feedback and actioning when applicable
  • Having a strong mentoring and training culture in order to up-skill our existing staff

Furthermore, we engage independent auditors to provide consultancy advice on our Safety Management System and Financial practices.